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What is The Elite Postcard System?
The Elite Postcard System was taught to me by my close friend and partner Robert Blackman. Robert is an industry legend and was kind enough to reveal to me the strategy that put hundreds of people into our downline!

Previously this system was only available to our team, but after much consideration, we've opened it to everyone in the profession!
No More...
 Tire Kickers
 Cold Calling
 Deadbeat Leads
 Negative Nancys
 Failing to Duplicate
 Bugging Friends & Family Relentlessly
What Do You Get With The Elite Postcard System?
What Comes With Course Access?
Unlimited access to course - grandfathered
 Our Address Label Lead Source
 How We Make The Postcards Step by Step
 Copywriting Tips to Make Your Postcards Convert
 How to Outsource The Design of Your Postcards
What Others Are Saying About The System!
Salvador Posada
"Jason taught me some of the most important concepts of marketing and advertising I've ever learned. Get the course, you won't regret it.
Robert & Sheri Blackman
"We've built countless businesses using this system. It literally is the answer to a network marketer's prayer once their warm market is exhausted."
Denis Lam
"Anyone who knows Jason knows that his training is worth every penny. And for such a small price to solve your lead problem you can't really go wrong."
Stop Hassling Your Friends & Family Over & Over
Crush it with the Elite Postcard System & learn how you can generate leads on demand using direct mail!
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